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I think the most picturesque beaches are located in the town of Aquinnah, on the south side of the island. Schedules for the buses can be found on the VTA website.

1. “So, do you go to school around here?”

If you need to switch buses, and the connections are close, always let the driver know about the connection you are trying to make! The driver will make sure that the next bus waits for you. As you can guess, the lot fills quickly on nice summer days!

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There is also free public parking at the cliffs if you are making a quick stop to check out the view. This parking is limited to a 30 minute time frame and a police officer is on duty throughout the summer to enforce the time limits.

Although facilities are not available on the beaches, there are well maintained public restrooms on the cliffs, as well as places to get food and drinks, and picnic tables. Here you can get, in my humble opinion, the best lobster roll on the island, along with grilled items and soft serve ice cream. There are several boutiques and souvenir shops in this area as well, lining the walkway to the main attraction — the Cliffs of Gay Head.

The Cliffs are a National Landmark, and environmentally protected area. It is worth the climb up the hill for a good view of the cliffs — it may be the most breath taking, panoramic view on the entire east coast of the United States.

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Island population ebbs and flows with the seasons, varying from 15, to , residents. Martha's Vineyard gained its status as a summer haven during the whaling era.

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head

Well-to-do maritime merchants and sea captains built grand estates on the island. Because these seafaring residents were well aware of the shipwrecks near the western tip of the island, Aquinnah and Gay Head received special attention.

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Capping off the island's western tip, Gay Head was named for the colorful clay cliffs. Marked by a steep drop to the Vineyard Sound below, what's lurking beneath the Atlantic waters are a collection unseen rocky shoals.

Martha’s Vineyard Beaches – Aquinnah

The original wooden light tower was replaced in with a permanent lighthouse. The Gay Head Lighthouse, a year old red brick tower, still warns mariners of this treacherous point. Sunset tours take advantage of this dramatic location, one of the most picturesque lighthouse settings on the Eastern Coast.