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Author Topic: Gay bros! Read times. Hey guys. I've never been one for bars or clubs much, so like a lot of people these days, I rely on dating apps to meet guys. Which ones are the most commonly used by gay guys in South Korea? Thanks for the advice! June 19, , It's been a couple of years but Jack'd was more popular than Grindr last time I checked. I don't know about apps. I'm not gay so I can't speak for that either.

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However, I do know there is a "gay club" in Itaewon right by the subway station that actually overcharges women but not men. Jong-no area has a lot of saunas geared towards the gay community. Also you'll find 'Homo Hill' around that area, lots of gay clubs etc. Jack'd is popular, Grindr is used mostly by waygooks.

Gay bros! Which dating apps do you use?

After the whole military thing this year lots of people were nervous about being exposed via the apps but that tension seems to have died down. June 20, , I'm not a guy nor gay but I thought I'd help anyways. In Itaewon there is "Homo Hill" with lots of gay bars to go to and meet people and there are tons of gay guys there both Korean and foreign.

Apps idk about. Good luck! What Me? I'm surprised I don't already know Kind of like Jewish-but-not-a-Jew? I don't think I was trolling, but I'm not really sure what exactly that term really means. To espouse a view you don't really subscribe to just for the sake of stirring up controversy? That's not what I was trying to do.

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I hope anything I said wasn't too incendiary either. It wasn't meant to be. I actually thought I took some pains to avoid being so, and admitted my ignorance if I still inadvertently was. I even mocked the use of the word "Homo". Really, that article that I linked to about Jewish people reclaiming the word Jew is what got me thinking about this, and perhaps made me unsure of the language I use. I used the word "queer" recently in a different thread as I feel like that's the term du jour these days, and nobody called me out or corrected me on it, but I did wonder afterward if that's something gay men and women use between themselves and is deemed offensive for outsiders.

If queer is okay to use again, queer as an adjective has a different feeling from the noun , it would be, if nothing else, a convenient shorthand. There may be one discreet sign, but unless you are aware of it, you would probably just pass by without giving it a second thought.

So fucking small! There are three main ways to meet guys. Secondly, you can go to bars and clubs, but that gets old after a while when you constantly come home smelling like cigarettes and alcohol, and the majority of the guys are only interested in one-night stands.

I stopped using them because they were getting creepy. There are lots of guys that just wanna hook up, but there are people who are interested in dating, too. On the other hand, in the States, there are gay sports leagues, gay singing groups, gay camping, hiking, and running organizations, and there are gay neighborhoods. Also in the States, within the whole queer community, there are hundreds of different personalities, and in Korea, many people categorize themselves so narrowly.

In Korea, you see gays at the extremes, either super reserved and discreet or very out-and-loud and proud. This frustrates me. My motto is that you should do whatever the hell you like!

If you want to wear a little makeup, go for it. Just be comfortable with who you are. In Korea, I think many guys feel pressure to conform to how they think they should be acting. Many people are positive and open-minded.

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They may be taking a break or running from an ex. Ughh, no thank you!

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  • For example, when that Korean actor, Suk-Chun Hong, came out in , he lost all his sponsors and started running restaurants. I read an article online, and he said people would frequently come into his restaurant and harass him. Some people would try to warn others that they would get AIDS if they ate at his restaurant. Coincidentally, my queer studies professor was Korean, born and raised in Seoul. Even now, look at marriage equality.

    Gay Dating in South Korea

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