If your gay

What does it all mean?

You should get help as soon as you feel the need. It's never too late to get help, no matter how big or small your problem might seem.

Christian And Gay: A Religious Leader Reflects - Originals - msnbc

They offer a safe place for you to talk about whatever's on your mind at any time. Consider talking to your GP. When discussing your situation, try to be as honest as possible with them so they can find the best type of support for you.

They can help with finding specialist LGBT mental health services. Gendered Intelligence The organisation works with the trans community, especially young people, and those who affect trans lives.

Sexual Orientation

Imaan Imaan is a support group for LGBT Muslims, providing a safe space to share experiences, with factsheets and links to relevant services. Use the site's directory to find local mental health services. Mind LGBTQ Get information about mental health support for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning.

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Some people prefer not to label themselves, and for many people their sexual preference and identification changes over time. Watch this video made by QLife Australia and hear other people talk about their experiences of being attracted to the same sex and of coming out. This can help if: What does it all mean? Is it natural to be same-sex attracted?

I think I might be gay or bisexual — how do I know? Putting a name to your feelings Often it takes a while to begin thinking of yourself as gay, lesbian or bisexual, or another sexual identity.

Mental health issues if you're gay, lesbian or bisexual - NHS

What can I do now? Read more about understanding your sexuality.

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  5. Check out ReachOut Forums - a safe and monitored space to hear from others discussing issues around their sexuality. Try the ReachOut NextStep tool to get personalised support options for exploring your sexuality.