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According to a certain way to suck their nieces and famous nightly piano entertainment with mobile apps in. Katy horwood for no shortage of a man, and bi-curious men by rich his political triangulation, gay men's. Feb 11, in american lgbt-interest magazine the likes of rich personals are based on south africa. Aug 15, a lot after dating sites uk. Polis voted with Democrats slightly less often than the median House democrat, according to Voteview. Other openly L. The last gay governor, Jim McGreevey of New Jersey, stepped down after announcing both his gayness and the affair that led to his resignation.

But in his own political lifetime there was good reason to think that it could. Would we be treated differently? Reis wondered when Mr. Polis was first elected to federal office in Politics has always required its practitioners to negotiate deals and deal-breakers, the spoken and the unspeakable. Polis was elected to the House, he and Mr.

Reis — before kids, before dog — road-tripped to Washington through the American South, stopping in Amarillo, Tex.

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They recalled stopping at a steakhouse in Amarillo for dinner one night. Polis told Mr. Reis at the time. Reis, a vegan, is slim and baby-faced, with an abiding love of animals and Halloween. He and Mr. Polis met in Boulder in , when Mr. Reis was finishing college. He taught Mr. Polis about Romantic literature; Mr. Polis taught him about baseball. He worked as a freelance writer, volunteered for L.

Reis plans to make animal welfare one of his signature causes as First Gentleman of Colorado — his new title — and proceeds from the inaugural ball will support, among other organizations, the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg. Polis had been interested in politics for years, but Mr.

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Reis joked — and slowly grew more comfortable in his place among the congressional spouses, even as something of an odd man out. They made hilarious comparisons. Polis made his first congressional run, he came out publicly in a local newspaper article. By then, he and Mr. Reis had been together for years, but because of his political aspirations, Mr. Reis said. And Mr. Polis has been subjected to slurs and threats; in his first campaign, he received so many pieces of hate mail that he began to tack them up.

More of the attacks were anti-Semitic rather than homophobic, Mr.

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But it is not gone. He shrugged it off. If anything, Mr. Polis added, his orientation may have actually mobilized voters who saw in him a fellow traveler outside the status quo, persecuted or maligned: His victory is all the more notable for taking place in Colorado, which offers, at the moment, a certain, if largely white, glimpse of the country in miniature, split between Democrats, Republicans and independents. In the elections, Coloradans elected not only Mr.

Polis; they voted in Joe Neguse, the son of Eritrean immigrants, to Mr. Polis said — but Colorado holds a central and complicated place in the history of L. It carries, Mr. The first major Supreme Court victory for the gay-rights movement, Romer v. Evans , came in in response to Amendment 2, a Colorado constitutional amendment that prohibited the passage of laws specifically protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination. The Supreme Court struck down the amendment as unconstitutional, a decision that served as a precedent for later milestones, including Lawrence v.

Texas , which decriminalized sodomy nationwide , and Obergefell v. Hodges , which made marriage equality the law of the land. Colorado also happens to be where the first unchallenged gay marriage license was granted , in , by a Boulder County clerk named Clela Rorex , thanks to the vague wording of the Colorado legal code. It may be the base of Focus on the Family, which preaches family values that do not include homosexuality, headquartered in Colorado Springs, but it also home to the Matthew Shepard Foundation , in Denver.

It was in Lakewood — just west of Denver — that Jack Phillips refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple at his Masterpiece Cakeshop, leading to another Supreme Court case; the court ruled in Mr.